BandBro'  Set List & Gig Calendar Software
For WINDOWS & Mac OS X  (10.6 Snow Leopard and later)
Available Updates   ( To find out what your current version is, open BandBro' and go to Help-->Version info )
All Bandbro' updates and upgrades are cumulative. Simply apply the most recent one (BBupd802) and you will be completely up-to-date. 
Update to Version 8.0.2 - applies to any prior version of BandBro.

Download and extract it to C:\BandBro.  Select Replace all when prompted.
For more detail click here  

Mac OS X
Download BBupd802.exe   For more detail click here  
Open Bandbro' and go to Help-->Install updates. Double click BBupd802.exe and click the Unzip pushbutton

BandBro' Support  Policy
Click here to submit a support question. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as well.  We are usually able to respond to support questions promptly. Although we prefer to handle support over email, we will accept phone calls. (Randy @ 520-749-3788 )

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Import Issues
If you are having trouble importing your song list, email us a copy of the text file we'll get your list imported in no time. This free service is available for both demo and licensed users.
If emailing a text file, do not use the BandBro' contact link at the top of the page because it does not support attachments. Instead, paste into the address field of your favorite email program. Type "BB import" in the subject field and attach the text file. 

Update / Upgrade History

              Version 8.0.2  (BBupd802)  2/12/2017
             --  Eliminated data loss penalty when reinstalling over existing version  
             --  Added  function key shortcuts
             --  Corrected start up path issue when dulpicating program on a 32bit machine

              Version 8.0.1  (BBupd801)  1/10/2017 
             --  Added the ability to create and run simultaniously, up to 3 separate copies of Bandbro'   
             --  Added the option to change program skin colorfor each copy of Bandbro'

              Version 7.0.5  (BBupd705)  10/29/2016
             --  Corrected menu File > Save failure that occured on some systems, although the Save pushbuttom did work correctly   
             --  Corrected screen refresh issues that occured when using the calendar module on a touch screen system

              Version 7.0.4  (BBupd704)  8/29/2016
             --  Optimized set list reports for inverted color viewing as a pdf when using that option with the Adobe Reader  
             --  Improved management of linked audio files. If an audio file is not found you will now be prompted to browse and link to it on the spot

              Version 7.0.3  (BBupd703)  6/28/2016 
             --  Addressed the failure of the gig calendar to appear at startup when it was set to do so  
             --  Corrected a problem caused by an invertent mouse click on the status bar
              Version 7.0.2  (BBupd702)  6/5/2016 
             --  Audio import improvement
             --  Cosmetic enhancements

             --  Improved security
              Version 7.0.1  (BBupd701)  5/2/2016 
             --  Added playlist launch features
             --  Updated help file
                          --  Improved security

              Version 6.0.3 
(BBupd603)  2/3/2016 
             --  Converted to online help.  An internet connection is required.
             --  Updated help file

BandBro' Uninstall Instructions
From the control panel go to Programs & Features or Add & Remove Programs, depending on your operating system. From the program list select Corel Applications and follow the instructions.  When the uninstall is complete, delete the C:\BandBro folder.

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