Import From Audio

Whether you are a singer-songwriter or playing in a cover band, chances are that your audio collection is on your computer. You can use these audio files to generate entries in the song inventory.  Access this module from the Song Inventory file menu: 
File>Import from...>audio


As part of the import process, Bandbro' archives the path to the audio files making them accessible from the application.   


Audio Import Dialog


Field Definitions


Import audio files from: - This is a static field that displays the folder path of your audio files. It cannot be edited directly. Instead, use the <Browse> pushbutton to select an audio source folder.


Pushbutton Definitions


Browse - Opens a windows directory browser enabling you to select a folder of audio files.


View files - Displays the contents of the current folder. Use this pushbutton to verify that your selection is on target.


Default Music Path - Displays the path to the system music folder. In Windows this might be My Music or Music depending on the OS version. On OS X this will point to  ...iTunes/iTunes media. This pushbutton is simply for convenience. Any media path you choose manually using the Browse pushbutton will always be remembered.   

Because the OS X version of Bandbro' is actually a Windows app in a unix based wrapper, the filebrowser is deep with a hierarchy file folders. Keep in mind that any windows style folder such as My Documents or My Music actually point to the Mac equivlelent of those folders. The following browser path examples all point to the same target. 

C:\users\Wineskin\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\
C:\users\username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\
Z:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\

Execute - Initiates the process of scanning the source folder and entering song titles into the inventory.  


View log - Opens a text log documenting the results of the last import procedure. Text in this file is informative only and may be deleted at any time.


Checkbox Definitions


Audio file type - Mp3, M4p... - Use these checkboxes to define what file types to include in the directory scan. Other files will be ignored. 


Include tags - Many times, Mp3 files have metadata embedded in them with information pertaining to the artist, album and genre. When this box is checked, this metadata will be used to populate the corresponding fields in the song inventory. If no metadata is found, the duration and song file name will be used to generate a song record.  


iTunes metadata  - While it is possible to extract metadata from unprotected M4p, M4a and Aac files, most are protected and will cause the extraction tool to crash. Therefore, with this version, metadata extraction for these file types is not supported. 


Custom file types - To enter a custom file type such as MIDI, simply click on the Custom 1, 2 or 3 field object and enter the appropriate file extension into the result dialog. Use the adjacent checkbox to include or exclude these files from the scan.     


Include sub folders - Check this box to import all audio files in root path and all folders below. This function is especially useful for importing iTunes files because songs in the iTune library are stored in a sub folders grouped by artist. 


Trim leading numbers - Songs ripped from a CD or purchased from iTunes into your library may contain a leading track number. These numbers have little practical use in Bandbro' and should be removed to accommodate proper sorting. Removing these numbers do not affect the actual audio file name.



Radio Buttons


Use these radio buttons to specify the copy/replace strategy of imported audio files.