Audio Launching

    Click the music note icon. A grayed color indicates that no audio is linked to the current song

Double click a song title in a locked set list. This only works on a locked set (red lock icon). Double clicking an unlocked set will result in a delete prompt. 

            Right click on a song title in the set list or song pool and select Play audio from the popup menu.

Hoykey Audio Launch
Audio launch behavior can be programmed by selecting
Utilities-->Audio hotkey options from the main menu. Some performers use Bandbro' on stage to launch audio backing tracks. The settings available on this dialog help to streamline on-stage use of BandBro'.  


Your keyboard's space bar can be assigned as a hot key audio launch. In addition, a visual launch timer can be invoked to provide a "heads up" for the next song. Proper setting of this dialog minimizes the need for tedious on-stage mouse manipulation that would otherwise required to select and launch the tracks.


The following parameters apply only to songs launched by the spacebar.


Launch with Spacebar - Activates the spacebar as a set list hot key audio launcher. The hot key launcher can also be activated for the Song Pool and Song Inventory.  


Confirm before launch - Invokes a Yes/No prompt to confirm song launching.  


Advance after launch - Automatically advances the next song in the set after launching.


Launch delay - Enter the number of seconds to countdown on the visual launch timer before the track plays.  To eliminate the appearance of the launch timer, simply enter zero or blank for this field. For accurate launch timing, the audio player should be opened and loaded into memory prior to the song launching.


Tandem doc launch - Launch custom lyrics along with the audio. Typically this would be in pdf. 






Timer Display

This window provides a visual countdown leading up to the track launch.  Press [Esc] to kill the timer and cancel the song play. To bypass the timer and play the track immediately, simply press the spacebar.