Backing up BandBro'


To access the BandBro' backup module, select Utilities-->Backup Bandbro' from the main menu.


This simple routine will backup C;\Bandbro to a drive location of your choice. When a backup is generated, the Bandbro folder (which contains all of your song and set data) is copied to the root drive designated in the 'Drive' drop down list.  Use a second internal, external or thumb drive. Avoid using a rewritable CD. 


Do not  be concerned about backing up the program files. These static files are easily restored by downloading and installing the trial version.

BandBro' Program Backup Module

Resyncing to an activated second computer installation
    1. Backup Bandbro to a removable drive
    2. Connect the removable drive to the second computer
    3. From the second computer open the removable drive
    4. Right click on the Bandbro folder and select copy
    5. Locate and right click on the computer's root drive C:\ icon (not the Bandbro folder) and select Paste
    6. If you are on target, you will receive a REPLACE prompt. Select REPLACE ALL

Object Definitions


Drive - Displays the drive letter of the current selection. Keep in mind that some of the drives populating the list may be inactive and produce an error message when a backup is attempted. Select from the drive list using either the mouse or the UP/DOWN keys.


Refresh - Use this pushbutton to update the drive list in the event that you forgot to plug in your drive before opening the backup dialog.    


Destination - This read only field displays the total backup path with regard to the current selection in the drive field.


Status - Specifies whether the current drive selection is able to receive data. 


Go! - This pushbutton initiates the backup. Generally, a short interval is required to locate the drive. Once this is accomplished, the copy process is very quick. The real-time status of the copy process is displayed in a text field at bottom of the dialog.


Network Backup

The Bandbro' backup supports only drives that are connected directly to the host computer. Network access is not supported. If you wish to manually backup up to network location, simply copy the C:\Bandbro folder to the clipboard and paste it into a network drive using a Windows file browser. In this situation, always select "Replace all" if prompted to overwrite a prior backup. Do not cherry-pick the copy files.