Custom Calendar Reports

The custom report dialog is accessed by selecting
File-->Print-->Custom from notetab 1 or notetab 2 on the gig calendar. Alternatively, you can select the Output pushbutton and Custom from the subsequent pop-up menu.


Use this dialog to specify a date range and report style for output to print or pdf.  A document header can also be set from this form.  


Custom Output Dialog


Date Range 

This object contains numeric month and year fields which are used to specify the date range of your output.  To set a month or year, mouse click on the field and select a value from the menu. The months are displayed in numeric form, e.g. 12 = December.  


Output - Format

Grid calendar - Print a panoramic calendar in traditional grid format.

Gig list -  Print a list of gig entries including either promotional or logistic data.

Income Report - Print summery report of gig income received with a user specified time frame.  


Output - Content

Depending on the Format selection not all radio buttons may be visible. 

Promotional - Output a grid calendar or gig list containing promotional information suitable for public distribution. 

Logistic - Output a grid calendar or gig list containing logistical information for distribution to your band mates.

Blank - Print a blank grid calendar for a user specified date range.  This option is only available when grid calendar radio button is active .     


Document Header

The value in this text field is placed in the header on calendars and reports. It is the same as the document header field found on the Calendar--> Preferences notetab.