Song Pool Option Menu

Open the song pool option menu by right clicking on a song title in the song pool object. 



Song Pool Option Menu


Menu Definitions


Note that the first item on the menu is the song title. It is static text, intended for display only.


Set status to "Inactive"  - This selection will only appear if the 'Exclude inactive songs' checkbox is unchecked and has the same effect as setting it in the song entry / edit page. Be aware that if the ' Exclude inactive songs'  box is checked, this item will disappear from song inventory when this property set. To retrieve it back into the list, just uncheck the 'Exclude inactive songs' checkbox. Song titles marked as inactive will display in a Strikeout font style.


Undo inactive status - This selection will appear if the current song status if set to 'Inactive' and the 'Exclude inactive songs'  box is unchecked. Again, you may need to uncheck the 'Exclude inactive songs' to access the song's properties.


Set list location - Identifies the target song's position in the current set list by blinking several times.


Get song info - Extracts all information relating to that song and displays it in a dialog box. This includes artist, album, style, tempo and key. The song info dialog is also invoked by double clicking on a song within the song pool object.


Edit song - Moves to the Song Inventory screen and opens the song for editing. 


Make playlist - This selection will create a M3u playlist of song audio files song pool and save it to a location of your choice.  Click here for details.


Gather audio files - Locate and copy a group of audio files to a folder of your choice. Click here for more information.


Export to text - Opens the song list export module. The Song pool or current set list can be exported to a user defined delimited text file.


Play audio - Opens the audio file in your computer's default audio player 


Display options - Opens the system display options dialog for adjustment of font style, color and cursor behavior.