Filtering the Song Pool

Filtering the song pool enables you to view only songs that match a particular criteria. More popular criteria includes tempo, key and vocals. Vocals in particular, are easily overlooked when creating a list. The filter capabilities in BandBro' enable you to create a precision set list. 


Fields in the Song Pool that can be filtered



How to invoke a filter

Say you want to view only songs of the classic rock style. Simply click the pushbutton and select Classic Rock from the resulting menu. With this example we are assuming that songs designated as classic rock, exist in the pool. If no classic rock songs were to be found in the inventory, the classic rock selection would not appear on the menu. If a filter is currently implemented, that menu item will be check marked. 


How to add filter criteria for the same field

Bandbro' supports multiple filter criteria on a single field. Suppose you want to add 'Country Rock' to your current 'Classic Rock' filter criteria.  Doing so, will cause the song pool to display only songs that are Classic Rock or Country Rock. To add an additional filter click the pushbutton. In this example it is the one directly left of the Style Filter button. A menu will appear enabling you to select an additional item, which in this case would be 'Country Rock'


Filtering on more than one field

Any number fields may be filtered simultaneously. While the example above pertains to the style field, the technique for setting up the filters remains the same for all.  


Turning a filter on and off

Once a filter is applied the indicator button to the right will turn green. Clicking this button will toggle the filter on and off. When turned off, the current filter criteria is remembered and reapplied when the filter is turned back on.  Once the program is closed, all filter settings are forgotten.


Removing a filter

To remove all filter criteria for a particular field, select the and select [Drop Filter] from the menu. 


An additional filter

The checkbox also serves as a filter. Inactive status is set in the song edit/entry dialog, accessed from Song Inventory screen (notebook tab #2 ).  Inactive status can also be set from the song pool option menu.


Filter count

When a filter is applied the status bar at the right bottom of the application frame will display the filtered song count as well as the total number of songs.


Determining filter status with the mouse

Hover the mouse over the filter buttons to ascertain their current filter criteria and status.


Determining total filter status 

Click the View Active Filters pushbutton to view a listing of all currently active filters and their criteria.  Only filters that are currently active will appear on this list.


Over filtering

It is possible to over filter the song pool.  If you are about to over filter, you will be greeted with this warning dialog and your last filter setting will be reversed.