Gather Audio Files

There may be times when you need to gather a group of audio files for a disk burn. If you are a songwriter, you may need to create a disk for submission to a record label. Or you may want to create a party disk. In any case, the BandBro' file gathering routine can do this for you. Alternatively, you can generate a m3u playlist, load it into your favorite media player, and burn a CD from there


Gather Audio Files

Field Definitions

Drive or Alias: - Defines the root directory of the destination path. Because the character length of the Desktop and My Documents paths can be quite long, aliases are used.

Folder name: - Type in a sub folder name. Nested names may be designated with a backslash. Example: Folder1\Folder2. If the folder doesn't exist, BandBro' will attempt to create it for you. You will be notified with a error message if the folder creation process fails.

Actual path name: - This read only field displays the actual path of the destination folder.

Pushbutton Definitions

Browse to... - Select a preexisting folder using a file browser. Once a folder is selected, the values in the path fields will be overwritten to reflect the path selected.

View files - Inspect the contents of the destination folder.

View filters - Displays in a dialog, the currently active filters and associated criteria.

Execute - Initiates the file locate and copy procedure.

View log - Opens a text file documenting the success and failure of the process. Use this feature to verify which files were located copied and which were not.

Radio Button Definitions

Current lists - Selecting this button tells BandBro' to use the currently loaded set lists as a guide to which audio files to gather and copy. If a 'set #' checkbox is unchecked, that set will be excluded from the process.

Master list (song inventory) - Locate and gather all songs in the inventory. The 'Set #' boxes are disabled when Master list is selected.

Checkbox Definitions

Set 1 ,2, 3 & 4 - Checking the sets that you want included in the file gathering process. Note: These check boxes are disabled when the Master list radio button is selected.

Apply filters - Apply the current song pool filters to the Master list (song inventory)