Packing the Tables

Packing a table reclaims disk space used by deleted records as well as extra space that is created when inserting records. 
To pack the tables select Utilities-->Pack tables from the BandBro main menu. This will then be instructed to close the program and re-open it to initiate the packing routine.
In addition, BandBro' will monitor the record count and automatically pack the tables if a significant change is detected upon opening the program.  
Packing Error Message
On rare occasions, the packing of a particular table may fail. This may be an indication that the a table is damaged or corrupt. You will be notified with a message box displaying name of the culprit file. In addition, a text file titled Bandbro Bad tables.txt with the name of that file will be written to your desktop. 
If the packing procedure fails again upon re-opening BandBro', you should rebuild that table. Using the Bandbro Bad tables.txt as a reference, open the table rebuild utility and rebuild that table.  
If the rebuild fails, you should replace that table with a backup copy.