Make a Playlist

A playlist is a simple text file wirh the file extension m3u. In that file is a list of audio files and their full path. Use the set
option menu to create a m3u playlist of all the songs residing in a set. 


Access the option menu by right clicking within one of the four set objects found on the Set List note tab and selecting <Make playlist> from the menu.


A windows file browser will open and you select a location and enter a name for the playlist. The playlist file name must use the extension m3u.


Once the playlist is generated you will be prompted to load it in Windows Media Player for instant review. Once a playlist is created and saved it can be opened later by selecting File --> Launch playlist from the main menu bar on the Set List note tab. 


By default, the playlist will open in Windows Media Player. 


Note: iTunes will not launch a playlist correctly unless it is explicitly imported into the iTunes application, using the following menu mapping : File --> Library --> Import playlist --> Browse to m3u playlist file.