Playing Audio


See also: Launching audio tracks


Audio files can be launched from the following locations in the BandBro' application.


Set List note tab - Right click on a song title within one of the set objects or Song Pool and select Play audio from the option menu or simply click or tap the symbol. 


Song Inventory note tab - Click a record object's symbol in the song inventory. This symbol will not be present if no song is linked to that particular title. Alternatively, simply click or tap the symbol on the bottom right of the form. This symbol will be gray in color is no song file is linked.

Song Edit form - Click the W symbol on the song edit object to launch the audio file.


Launching issues 

If your media player is not currently open, it could take a while for the player to open.  


Opening Playlists

M3u play lists can be launched from BandBro', as well. click here for more information.