Song Inventory Management

The song inventory notebook tab displays a database of all songs entered into Bandbro'. Use this screen to enter and edit songs as well as link audio files. With the exception of the album and audio path fields all song data is visible. To view album data, simply hover the mouse over the artist field.

Song Inventory with code coding turned off

Technically, all that is needed to generate a set list is an inventory full of song titles. However, without the values in the other fields you have no filtering capabilities. Taking the time to enter as much song data as possible enables you to reference song attributes such as duration, style and tempo which ultimately result in a better set list.

Pushbutton Definitions

Add - Opens the new song entry dialog. A separate help page has been devoted to his topic. Click here for details or click the help pushbutton on the entry dialog, itself.

Edit -
Loads the song record into an
edit dialog where you can make changes to the song data. Again, a separate help page has been devoted to his topic. Click here for details or click the help pushbutton on the edit dialog, itself.

Delete - As the names implies, this function will delete the current highlighted song from the inventory. any associated lyrics and audio path will be deleted as well. However, this function does not delete the song from existing set lists which are stored in a separate database.

Lyrics - Moves to the Lyrics notebook tab. From this page you can type or paste the song's lyrics into a text editor. Make sure you have selected the correct song for lyrics entry. To do that, click the <Load Song> pushbutton and select the song from the menu.

Menu Selections

File --> New tune - Opens the new song entry dialog and is equivalent to clicking the Add button.

File --> Open tune - This will load the current song into an edit dialog where you can make changes. This is equivalent to selecting the Edit pushbutton.

File --> Export - Opens the export dialog enabling you to generate a customized text export of the current set list or Song Pool.

File --> Import from...--> Text - Populate the Song Inventory by importing a delimited text file created by a spreadsheet, database or word program.

File --> Import from...--> Audio - Opens the Audio Import dialog enabling you to populate the Song Inventory by scanning a folder of audio files.

Sort - Opens a submenu displaying a list of fields to sort on. Use the sort function to group the song records on various field values.

Edit --> Edit - Opens the song for editing

Edit --> Delete - Deletes the song permanently from the song list database

Edit --> Lyrics - Moves to the lyrics page for entry or edit of the target song's lyrics

Edit --> Search & Replace - Opens the powerful Search & Replace dialog enabling changes to be made in bulk quantity.

Special items:

StrikeOut Font - A song title in strikeout font indicates that the song status is currently set to 'Inactive' . To change this status, open the song in the edit dialog and uncheck the 'Song is inactive' box. Alternatively, the inactive property can be set from the Song Pool option menu


This document icon, found on the Set List and Song Inventory pages will display in dark green when an external document is linked to the active song title. A dark gray color indicates that no custom document is linked. Tap this icon to view the document, Linking is accomplished the in the song edit / entry mode accessed from the song Inventory page. Whether you choose to use the local lyrics in Bandbro' or an external document such as a pdf is up to you.

Displays in red when an audio file is linked to the current, highlighted song title. Launch the file by hot key or tapping this icon.

This icon will display on the Lyrics / Charts tab (top right) if the current song title has lyrics entered locally in Bandbro'. If the current highlighted record has no local lyrics entered the icon will cease to be visible. It is possible to have both internal Bandbro' lyrics as well as an external document..