Lyrics Management


You have a choice of viewing lyrics as an external document or from Bandbro' itself.  The main advantage of storing lyrics in Bandbro' is the fact that all lyrics are stored in the program data itself which means you don't have to worry about managing the external documents when and if you move Bandbro' to a new computer.  


To enter song lyrics or chart, first scroll select the appropriate song title from the Set Lists or Song Inventory note tab and then click on the Lyrics note tab for the text editor. Remember to click the EDIT pushbutton or nothing will happen when you type.

Highlight text and right click for the properties menu to change font attributes, cut & paste text and check spelling. Text can also be pasted from a txt or rtf file by selecting Paste from...   

 When not in edit mode, the screen can be touch scrolled.   

Pasting formatted text from a docx file

Pasting text from a MS word docx file will fail. To paste from a docx file, first paste the text an open Wordpad file.  From there, copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into the Bandbro' lyrics field.


Lyrics Editor




Pushbutton Definitions


Edit - Unlocks the text field for entry and editing. 


Print - Sends the lyrics to the current default printer.


Preview - Opens lyrics for screen view in the Bandbro' native report format. Note that the report preview supports menu options for view size, page selection and printing. 


Load Song - Opens a pick list of the song inventory.  Selecting from the menu will display either that song's lyrics, if they exist, or open a blank screen, ready for entry of new lyrics. 


Custom File - Opens a file browser enabling you to browse to a file of your choice and establish a link by double-clicking on it.  If a file is already linked, it will be opened without the appearance of a file browser..  


Delete or Replace a Custom File link -  To delete a link to a custom document, right click on the Custom file pushbutton or go to File -> Open with...-> Custom document -> Delete.  Once the file path is deleted, you have the option to relink it to a different file by re-selecting File -> Open with... -> Custom document from the menu or by clicking the Custom file pushbutton.  Note that custom files may also be managed from the song entry / edit form as well as the set list notetab. 


Notepad & Wordpad - Opens the current lyrics in word or note pad.  Note that positioning of these word and notepad windows are remembered can provide a better view of the lyrics for on-stage or use. Notepad supports use selectable font size for enhanced ease of viewing.  


Hotkey Launch - Lyrics can be opened in note and wordpad or as a custom document by using a hotkey. To manage hotkey lyrics launch select Utilities-->Hotkey setup-->Lyrics from the main menu.