Lyrics Display Management

 To open the Lyrics Display Manageer go to Utilities-->Hotkey setup-->Lyrics from the main menu

The Lyrics Display Management dialog is intended for on-stage or studio usage and enables you to open your lyrics in Windows Word or Notepad via a hotkey. Alternatively, you can link to a saved file such as a pdf containing annotations.   

The dialog itself contains instructional text.

All song lyrics are opened in a file titled  __Bandbro.txt residing in the ...\Bandbro\Private folder.  These files are deleted once the program is closed. To archive a note or word pad file, simply select File-->Save from the open file and choose a name and location under which to save it. 


Lyrics Display Dialog


Checkbox - Bandbro' window stays active and on top. 

Check this box if you are able to fit both the lyrics word pad and Bandbro' windows on the screen or are using multiple screens. By keeping the Bandbro' window active, the need to mouse activate the Bandbro' every time you need to pull up the next lyrics in the set will be minimized.  Alternatively, you may be able to use the Windows keyboard shortcut ALT+TAB to move to the next window. 

If using a touch screen, simply tap to open a linked document, or to view lyrics enter into Bandbro'.