Creating a Playlist

We recommend saving your playlist as a .m3u file type which is cross compatible with modern versions of Windows and OS X. Optionally, you can save it as a .VLC but it may not play iTune file types. If saving to a .VLC file type be sure to include the .vlc extension in the file name. Otherwise it will be saved as a m3u.

Playlist from a set

To create a playlist from set object, right click on any song in the set and select Make playlist from the set option menu. A playlist can be saved to any location and lainched by either douple clicking on the playlist file itself or by selecting File->Launch playlist when viewing the Setlist notetab page. During the process of playlist creation you will be prompted to open the playlist on the spot.  

Playlist from the song pool
The song pool playlist generator is accessed from the Song Pool option menu. Access the menu by right clicking within the song pool dataview on the Set List note tab.  Use this dialog to create a M3u playlist of songs residing in the pool. To create a filtered list, set your filters before opening the playlist generator.

Song Pool Playlist Generator
Checkbox Definitions
Random song order - Shuffle songs before outputting them to the playlist.
Apply filters - Include only songs that meet the current filter criteria.
Launch after creation - Open the playlist in the system default media player.
Pushbutton Definitions
View filters - Displays the currently active Song Pool filters and associated criteria.
OK pushbutton - After setting the checkbox parameters, click this button to generate and save the playlist file.