Navigating in Bandbro'

Mouse Hover

BandBro' utilizes mouse hover capabilities.  To retrieve information regarding a pushbutton, checkbox, object or song, just hover the mouse cursor over that object and read the status bar at the bottom of the application frame for a description that object's function. To view hidden songs in a set object, click/tap to highlight any song in the set, and then hover the mouse over the top or bottom edge of the set object. 



Set objects (Sets 1,2,3 & 4)



BandBro' utilizes drag-and-drop in set list editing. 


The basic sequence involved in drag-and-drop is:


Touch Screen Use

The drag & drop process works well using a mouse or touch screen pen stylus.  If using fingertip manipulation to create sets, make sure Follow Cursor in set objects is turned off (Unchecked).


Double-click lookup

Most of the edit fields in Bandbro' support data look-up. Double click on a field to invoke a pick menu of stored entries. Supported fields include: Venue, Gig date (pick from a calendar), Memo, song inventory fields, calendar edit fields and the document header field found on the calendar and custom output dialog.


Song Pool & Song Inventory  - These two data views display the same song data but with different intentions. The Song Inventory is where you enter new songs into the system and edit existing ones. This dataview may be sorted on a variety of fields. The Song Pool, found on the Set List notebook tab, is used to populate set lists. It may be filtered on a variety of fields. 


Filters -  Moving the mouse cursor over a filter button will display the current status and criteria of that filter.  Click here for details on filtering.


Checkbox - Hover over a checkbox for a description of its function.


Quick Find - Instead of scrolling through the Song Pool or Inventory to locate a song, you can find it song instantly by typing in the first few characters of the song's title.  Note that cursor focus must be on the Song Inventory object for this to work -- simply click within the inventory list to set the focus. This function works for both the song inventory and the song pool objects.


Zoom View - With the exception of basic dialog and message boxes, all program and report selection (+) windows can be magnified by selecting the maximize button on the top tight of the window. Using the application frame's maximize button will magnify the windows even more. Alternatively, the main menu's VIEW selection may be used to customize the window size. 


Hidden Songs in set object - If you have more than 16 songs in a set object, some will be hidden. To scroll access these items, click on the object set to set focus, and then mouse hover or touch the bottom or top edge of the set object.  You can also use the up and down arrow keys to accomplish this.