Creating New Setlists

The setlist creation dialog is accessed by selecting the <New> pushbutton on the Set Lists notebook tab. Use this tool to initiate a new blank set or generate one that is automatically populated according to the parameters you choose. While this can be a useful tool, you may eventually find yourself making new lists by opening and editing existing ones.




Radio Button Definitions


Blank List - Use selection to start from scratch with four empty set objects. You will need to manually drag and drop songs into the set objects. Be sure to enter a title and date before clicking the Execute button. 


Auto Populate - This fun routine will scan the song inventory database and place the songs in sets according to the parameters you select. Notice that this selection activates the parameters object on the lower half of the screen. From there you will select number of songs, sets, filtering and sorting strategies.  


Field definitions


Title / Venue - Enter a name of the gig and venue. The value you enter here, along with the date, will serve as a permanent handle for this set list , once it is saved. 


Gig Date - Typically,  you will enter the date of the gig in this field.  Again, whatever date entered here is used in part, as a handle for future retrieval. Optionally, this field can be double-clicked to open the calendar module. To select a date from the calendar, simply double click on the date itself.  If the selected date contains a gig entry, you will be prompted to import that information into the venue and memo fields.


Memo - This field is intended for miscellaneous information and may be left blank.


Note: The information entered in these fields may be changed later from the Set List screen -- up until the point of where the set list is actually saved and archived into the system. 


Auto populate parameters:


Dropdown lists: 


Songs per Set  - Select from 1 to 18 songs per set. 

Number of Sets - From the drop down list select 1, 2, 3 or 4 sets to populate.


Checkbox Definitions


Apply Filters - Applies all current set list filters to the song Inventory which  narrows the selection pool. Filters may be useful to decrease the number of songs left over as well ensure that only songs of a certain style or vocalist are included in the selection pool.    


Random song order  -  Distributes the songs in a random fashion.  If this box in unchecked, the songs placed into the sets are sorted alphabetically. If you have songs leftover, the bottom of the sort will not be included in the sets. 



As you accumulate more songs in the inventory, the number of songs left over (overflow), will increase as well. Controlling the overflow count may be achieved by applying various filters to narrow down the song pool. 


Pushbutton Definitions 


View filters - Displays in a dialog, the currently active filters and criteria used.


Execute - As the name implies, initiates the process of generating a set list and directs the focus back to the Set List edit page