Set List Option Menu

Right clicking on a song within a set object will surface the set option menu.  This menu offers many powerful functions.


Set list Option Menu


Menu Definitions


Edit song - Moves to the song inventory page and opens the song for editing.


Delete - Deletes the current highlighted song from the set.  It does not delete it from the song inventory. Song deletion is also accomplished by double clicking on it or dragging it back to the song pool.


Empty - As the name implies, this selection will empty the current set object. Only one set object may be emptied at a time. 


Flip - Reverses the order of the songs in that set.


Shuffle - Reorders the songs in a random fashion.  


Song info - Extracts a song's information from the inventory and displays it in a dialog box. This can include artist, album, style, key, etc. 


Swap set with... - Surfaces a sub-menu enabling you can choose a set to swap with current one.  When a swap occurs, song order within the sets remains unchanged.


Lyrics -  If lyrics exist locally - meaning they have been entered directly into Bandbro' Lyrics / charts tab page, they can be opened in word or notepad, or simply viewed directly on the Lyrics / charts note tab. If they exist as a custom document they will be opened in their native application.  See also:  Symbol / icon definitions and  Lyrics display settings

Play audio -
If the song has an audio file linked to it, this selection will open the song in the computer's default audio player. Typically this would be Windows Media Player or iTunes

  -  Displays in red when an audio file is linked to the current, highlighted song title.  Launch the file by hot key or tapping this icon.

Stream set - Creates a temporary playlist and opens it on-the-fly in your system's default audio player. These play lists are deleted when Bandbro' is closed. However they will accumulate in iTunes and will need to be manually deleted and/or managed.  

Make playlist  - Generate an M3u or VLC playlist and save it to file. A playlist may be opened directly using Windows Media Player, iTunes or VLC.  A playlist can also be opened from the BandBro' file menu. Click here for more information. In addition, a playlist can serve as a CD burn list once it is loaded into your media player.  Note: VLC may not play iTunes files - m4p, m4a, acc.

Gather audio files - Locate all audio files linked to set list entries and copy them to a folder of your choosing. This routine may be useful for creating demo and reference disks.

Display options -  Opens the system display dialog for adjustment of song color coding, font attributes and cursor behavior. The display options is also accessed by selecting View > Display options from the main menu.