Table Repair Dialog

The table rebuild utility is accessed from the BandBro' main menu by selecting
Utilities-->Table repair from the main menu. If you are unable to open BandBro due to table corruption, this utility can be run by opening the C:\BandBro folder and double clicking on: DTUTIL32.EXE.

In the event that you experience a forced shut down or suffer a power outage when BandBro' is open, you will want to verify the integrity of the data tables as well as rebuild them. BandBro' comes bundled with a table rebuild utility known as Borland TUitility. If you receive error messages, or am unable to pack all of the tables, the first line of defense is the Borland TUtility.

Instructions for rebuilding your tables.
1. From the TUtility, select the By Directory... pushbutton.

2. Browse to C:\BandBro and select the first .db file in the list

3. Click the Verify pushbutton, or skip the verify and simply click the Rebuild pushbutton.

4. Repeat this process with the subsequent tables (.db files)

Following is a list of key tables which are most vulnerable. Be sure to include these in the rebuild session.