Modifying Reports

The fonts dialog is accessed by clicking the
Modify pushbutton or in the case of a custom report, right clicking on one the green field objects. The available fonts are said to be common on all Windows7, Vista, XP machines.  However, we have found this to not always be the case. Note that the font size may vary slightly even though they are technically the same numeric size.  Also note the similarities between certain styles such as Georgia and Times New Roman. They appear similar but the Georgia font is a bit larger.  A set list utilizing the Georgia font may spill over to a second page while a version using the Times New Roman font might not. 
Using the dialog
The process is simple. Scroll to the desired font , select the Normal, Bold, Italic or BoldItalic attribute and click OK. Alternatively, you can double-click on the font name.  The lower text display illustrates how the font will look in the larger sizes used in certain report and headers. To locate a font quickly, simply type the first character or two of the font name.     


Customizing the set list
Clicking the Modify pushbutton on a custom set list style will surface the set list customizing page. Instructions are on the page itself. When customizing the MASTER LIST CUSTOM some of the controls will be hidden if they are not applicable to this static report style.