Touch Screen Tips


Bandbro' Version 6.x has been enhanced to accommodate onstage and touch screen use. Microsoft's Surface 4 tablet with Windows 10 was used as a test device. The settings suggestions are intended to provide as much area and largest font size as possible. 







Onstage Use 

Many musicians like to mount their tablet on a mic stand and use it to display their set list. To do this with Bandbro' simply print the set list to pdf using a 1-set-per-page report style. Viewing a set list in pdf has the advantage of being very readable with silky set-to-set page scrolling. Windows 10 has it's own pdf writer. Lyrics can also be viewed in the same fashion. If using both pdf set lists and lyrics at the same time, you'll need familiarize yourself with managing data views.  


Alternatively, you can use the Bandbro's setlist tab page as your setlist. Simply tap the upcoming song title and then tap the appropriate icon to access your lyrics. If using this method, it is a good idea to lock the set list.