BandBro'  Set List & Audio Management Software
For WINDOWS  10 / 8 / 7 /  XP / VISTA / NT  / Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and later)
User Comments & Testimonials

This has been a wonderful program.....thanks for developing it!
Danny F  -  Ft. Worth,Texas

Fine, useful product. Good work!
Jeff B. - New Florence, PA

Hi Randy,
Thank you very much for your immediate answer.  I'm glad to have Bandbro running on my lap top now. Thanks again for your fine piece of work. I highly recommend Bandbro' to all my fellow musicians.
Best regards,
Rolf R. - Berlin, Germany

I must say that yours is a great, user friendly, system. Many thanks.
Dave W. - Purleigh, U.K.

I’ve used this program for a few years now. Have migrated away a couple of times but always came back to it because it is simple to use, to make changes to setlists and I always get the support I need.  I just recently migrated it to my Mac and received the same high level support from Randy!
Tom S. - Rogers, AR

I really like the software...
Shirley G. - Boston, MA

Thanks Randy,
I am impressed with your after sales back up service, "cheers mate" as we say down under.
Ashley M. - New Zealand

Thank you for your patience and your help. I just completed the installation on my Mac.
Mako J. - Land 'o Lakes, FL

I bought your Bandbro' software and love it.  I use it on a Surface Pro tablet.  I used to make my set lists using Excel, print them out and place them on my music stand. However, if the set list didn't work for that audience, I would read the room, go by memory and try and think of better songs to play. With my Bandbro' tablet onstage, I can can filter and sort the song inventory to quickly find the perfect song.
Bruce Casteller - Palmetto, FL

I purchased your program (v.4) and liked it so much I talked another musician into buying it.   I had checked out a couple of other similar products, but they lack the features and facility of BandBro.
Charlie H. - Citrus Heights, CA

I purchased BandBro' about 8 months ago.  I love the program.
David L. - Manistee, MI

As a duo band using backtrax on my laptop and having to see the Lyrics, this by far the best program I could find on the net.
Johann - C. - New Zealand

Hi Team. Love your work. Made something similar myself in Excel but not as good...
Paul T.  - New South Wales, Australia

The software works great!
Ken L. - Sapilpa, OK

If your band has a decent sized repertoire, the Bandbro program will come in very handy!
Walker Foard, - Tucson, AZ 

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