Windows SmartScreen

The Windows Smart Screen dialog may be encountered at various points when installing, running an activation, update or the first time BandBro' is opened. Once you pass through these dialogs and run the executable, this warning will not appear again.

This warning dialog appears because BandBro' is not a Microsoft product but rather a legacy application developed using Corel Paradox9 which was first released more than a decade ago. BandBro' is 'Old School' but powerful!

Note: While it is not recommended, the Smart Screen feature can be turned off by going to Control Panel-->Security & Maintenance

Virus Scanners

Because of BandBro's legacy status, your virus protection may produce a false positive requiring you to temporarily disable it in order to complete the download and execution of an EXE file.   

Below are the Smart Screen dialogs you may encounter. To pass through, click <More info> followed by <Run anyway> on the subsequent dialog.

Smart Screen Dialog #1


Smart Screen Dialog #2