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Printing Set Lists
Bandbro offers a variery of set list designs. Below in PDF, are some of our favorites. Be sure to use the browser BACK button to return to this page after viewing them.

cal The Gig Calendar

The Bandbro' calendar provides an easy way to manage your gig schedule and also serves as a useful promotional tool. A monthly itinerary can be output to print or pdf for distribution to your fans and bandmates. Output report formats include traditional grid calendar, list and income report. The below links contain calendar output examples derived from a fictional band that happens to be quite busy. Use the browser BACK button to return to this page after viewing a sample. The grid calendars support international date and month name formats.

Calendar Samples
Promotional - Distributing at gigs, attaching to email blasts and linking to the band web site are just some of the ways to utilize the promotional grid calendar. This sample is for two months. Use the PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll between months.

- The more gigs you have on the books, the more difficult it becomes to keep everyone informed of scheduling updates. The grid calendar itinerary helps by listing all gigs in a traditional calendar format which can be distributed to your bandmates over email.

Blank Grid calendar
- Roll your own. Print out a sequential blank grid calendar for any date range on demand. This sample is a full year calendar in French.

Linear Report Samples
Income - Output a listing of band income derived from data entered into the calendar.
Logistical - Print a list of all upcoming gigs and related details for band member distribution.
Promotional - Create a list of gigs that includes promotional hyperbole.

Set List Management
Any number of set lists can be saved, reopened, edited and saved again under a new title.

Text Import

If you are currently using a spreadsheet or database application to create set lists, you can export your song list to text and import it into BandBro'.  The BandBro' import mechanism is designed specifically for importing song data. Just follow the step-wise instructions, use the arrow buttons match the field labels to the data type and you are good to go.  Click here to read an informative help file excerpt on preparing for export and import.  

audio import Import From Audio
Whether you are a singer-songwriter or playing in a cover band, chances are that your audio collection is on your computer. You can use these audio files to generate entries in the song inventory. 


As part of the import process, the path to the audio files is archived. This means that you can launch or stream the files from BandBro', in addition to creating playlists. 

autopop Set List Generator
Use this tool to initiate a blank or randomly populated set list.

Gathe raudio files Gather Audio Files
There may be times when you need to gather a group of audio files for a disk burn.  If you are a songwriter, you may need to create a disk for submission to a record label.  Or you may want to create a party disk. In any case, the BandBro' file gathering routine can do this for you.  Alternatively, you can generate a m3u playlist, load it into your favorite media player, and burn a CD from there.   


playlist generator Creating a Song Pool Playlist
The song pool playlist generator is accessed from the Song Pool option menu.  Use this dialog to create a M3u playlist of songs residing in the pool.  To create a filtered list, set your filters before opening the playlist generator.

set option menu Set List Option Menu
Right clicking on a song within a set object will surface the set option menu.  This menu offers many powerful functions.

export songs Export Set & Song Lists
The song export dialog enables you to output the currently loaded set list or the song pool to a text file. Fields and field order are user adjustable.  Available delimiters include tabs and semicolons, as well as custom delimiters.

search & replace Search & Replace
The search & replace mechanism provides a quick way to change a group of common field values in the Song Inventory database.

This tool is also useful for populating blank fields. For example, you can quickly append blank song keys without having to edit each song individually. First, select "Key" using the 'Field name' LIST button. Leave the 'Find' field blank, and enter a song key in the 'Replace with' field. Be sure to CHECK <Confirm before replace> so you can examine each song as they are scanned and choose whether to apply the current key to that song. Repeat with other song keys.

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