BandBro'  Set List & Gig Calendar Software
For WINDOWS  8 / 7 /  XP / VISTA / NT

Purchase BandBro'  --  Current Version 5.0.3

Activation License Key -
$49.95  -  Price includes 2 license activations.  Once you purchase and install the primary license key,  simply email us the activation code for a second installation and we'll send you an additional license key as well as instructions for copying your song/set data to the second computer - if needed. 

Please note that we cannot supply a license key without an activation code.  The activation code is generated when the trial version is installed and is unique to the host computer. Once Bandbro' is installed, do not reinstall or you may invalidate the activation code.  To acquire the activation code, just follow the instructions on the nag dialog that appears when opening the program.  Or select Help | Get Activation Code from the main menu and copy it to the clipboard. Your activation code should match this sample pattern:  1234-1234-1234-1234

For efficient turn-around, please paste your activation code into the below field before clicking the 'Buy Now' button.  If you fail to include the code with your order, we will contact you by email to acquire it. 

When you place an order you will receive an immediate response from Bandbro' confirming your PayPal transaction. This is not your license key. The link to your activation license key will be e-mailed separately within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Your Activation Code