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Printing Set Lists

The report selection offers sixteen document designs. Ten are intended for gig set lists and the remaining six are intended for printing a master list. As you scroll down to the records titled MASTER LIST,  a series of additional controls will appear. Use these items to set the filter specifications, title and song source for the master list. 

master report selection
Master & Set List Selection Dialog

Below are a few samples of available report styles printed to PDF.  To view, right click and select open in new window or save to desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat.

4 sets framed - 1 page.pdf
4 sets - 1 page.pdf
4 sets w-head left justified - 1 page.pdf
4 sets with header - 1 per page.pdf
4 sets - 1 per page.pdf
MASTER list - title artist genre time.pdf
MASTER LIST - all fields.pdf (Print Panaramic)

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