BandBro'  Set List & Audio Management Software
For Windows NT / 200x / XP / VISTA / WINDOWS 7 (32 & 64bit)

Download a fully functional 30 day trial version 

Version 2.1.0  --   Released 6/22/11  --  Download size:  21.6 MB

Download:  BBSetUpPak.exe

Installation Instructions
1. Click the above link and select SAVE (not Run) to download BBSetUpPak.exe to desktop or alternative location.
2. Once downloaded, locate and double click BBSetUpPak.exe and select Run to open.
3. On the resulting dialog box, click the UnZip pushbutton to extract the install files to C:\BandBro install files
4. Open the C:\BandBro install files folder and double click the Setup32.exe. This will launch the setup program. Use
all default settings and get through the setup. When prompted to create a new folder, you must select YES.
5. Once the installation finishes and you reboot, you will find the BandBro startup icon on your desktop. Use this to run the program.

6. The BBSetUpPak.exe and C:\BandBro install files may be deleted once the program is installed.

Windows 7
If installing on Windows 7 64bit, the install program will designate C:\Program files (x86) as the root

installation folder.  Do not change this.

Download or print the installation instructions:  BandBro install doc.pdf 

Thank you for trying BandBro'. Feel free to email us with bug reports, questions and comments at

If you like the program and plan on purchasing, do not uninstall the program if you intend to continue using it on the same computer.  Instead, fill it with song titles and set lists.  When you purchase and install the activation code all your work will remain intact.  

Uninstall Instructions
From the control panel go to Programs & Features or Add & Remove Programs, depending on your operating system.  From the program list select Corel Applications and follow the subsequent instructions.  When the uninstall is complete, delete the C:\BandBro folder.

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