BandBro'  Set List & Gig Calendar Software
For WINDOWS & Mac OS X  (10.6 Snow Leopard and later)

Song Inventory Management

The song inventory page displays a tabular view of all songs in the BandBro' system. Use this screen to enter and edit songs as well as link or import audio files.  This dataview inventory may be sorted on title, artist, album, style, vocals, tempo, key, duration or rating.

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Song Inventory Screen - color coding activated

Song Entry

This dataview includes several drop down lists.  If a pick list does not have the required value, select (new), type in a value and press  <Enter / Tab> to advance to the next field. These lists are dynamic. When a new value is entered, it is added to a master list of available choices for next time. Longer fields such as artist and album behave in the same fashion but employ a menu instead of a pick list. 

Song Entry & Edit

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