Welcome to BandBro'

Thank you for installing BandBro'. To purchase the license key, just select Help-->Activate from the BandBro' main menu or follow the prompts on the 'nag' dialog that appears when you open the program. 

We care about your experience with BandBro'.  Please feel free to email us with any comments, questions or bug reports at Rosette Software You can also email us from the Bandbro' application by selecting Help --> Email support from the main menu.
Easy Navigation 
Bandbro' Version 6.x  has been enhanced to accommodate touch screen as well as pen/stylus and standard mouse control. In addition, to the typical keyboard navigation e.g. PgUp, PgDn, the Song Pool (on set list tab) and Song Inventory have a useful tool: Auto Scroll.   Hover, tap, click, or swipe into this text object to activate scrolling.  Click or tap again to stop.  Alternatively, a song title in the Song Pool and Song Inventory can be located instantly by typing in the first 1 or 2 characters of the title. Auto Scroll may be activated by selecting View-->Display options from the main menu and ticking the Touch screen friendly checkbox. 
The main form consist of three note tab pages: Set Lists, Song Inventory and Lyrics.  These three notebook tabs are synchronized.  Move to a song pool title on the Set List note tab and Song Inventory advances to the same record.  Move to the Lyrics note tab and the song title's lyric field is ready for input.  

Set List  (Notebook tab #1)
The set building screen utilizes four multi-record set objects and a master song inventory list known as the Song Pool. Song titles can be dragged from the pool to a set, from one set to another or to a new position in the same set.  Because you are viewing all four sets on a single page, it is easier to visualize the flow of the music. A multitude of filters are available to aid in defining best choices for the next gig.  Any number of set lists can be created, saved and copied.  This screen is also used to print set lists in sixteen different designs.  

Song Inventory (Notebook tab #2)
The song inventory screen is where new songs are entered into the system.  This list can be populated by manually typing song data, importing from a text file, or scanning a folder of audio files. If the audio files are MP3 and contain metadata, the song record can be populated with that data which typically includes, artist, album and genre.  This screen displays all fields in the song record with the exception of the album. That information is easily viewed by hovering the mouse over the artist field which displays the artist and album title in the application status bar.  These fields may be left blank or used as custom fields where you can enter anything of your choosing. 
See also: Getting Started.  

  Lyrics / Charts (Notebook tab #3)
Use this page to enter lyrics into a memo field linked to a song of your choosing.  Simply select the song by clicking  the Load Song pushbutton and selecting it from the menu. This text editor supports full text formatting and even a spell checker. Right click on highlighted text to open the properties and speller check menu. Remember to click the Edit pushbutton to begin working with your lyrics.  

Custom Documents and Audio
Bandbro' also supports lyrics in document form such as a word of pdf.  These can be linked to a song and launched via hot key or by tapping icons found on the Set List and Song Inventory pages. Following are icon definitions.

This icon will display on the Lyrics / Charts  tab (top right) if the current song title has lyrics entered locally in Bandbro'.  If the current highlighted record has no local lyrics entered the icon will cease to be visible.  You have a choice of viewing lyrics as an external document or from Bandbro' itself.  The main advantage of storing lyrics in Bandbro' is the fact that all lyrics are stored in the program data itself which means you don't have to worry about managing the external documents when and if you move Bandbro' to a another computer. 
This document icon, found on the Set List and Song Inventory pages will display in dark green when an external document is linked to the active song title. A dark gray color indicates that no custom document is linked.  Tap this icon to view the document.  Linking a document is accomplished the in the song edit/entry mode accessed from the song Inventory page.  Whether you choose to use the local lyrics in Bandbro'  or an external document such as a pdf is up to you.  
Displays in red when an audio file is linked to the active song title.  Launch the file by hot key or tapping this icon.

Click or tap this symbol to lock the set list and prevent inadvertent modifications.  Intended to prevent mishaps when used on stage.
Once the set list is locked, this symbol will appear as locked in bright red color.  Click or tap to unlock the set list.


The set objects in Bandbro' can display up to sixteen song titles at a time. These red symbols will appear on the top and bottom of a set object if hidden song titles exist.  After tapping any song in the set object to set focus, tap or swipe into these icon symbols to scroll and reveal hidden titles. If using a keyboard, the UP & DOWN arrow keys will scroll the set, as well. These symbols only appear if the set object contains more than 16 song titles.