Importing a Song List

Bandbro' utilizes a powerful and easy to use, text import mechanism. Access it from the Song Inventory notebook tab by selecting
File-->Import from...-->Text from the main application menu.

Free Import Service
If you prefer, Rosette Software offers free, one-time import service. Just export your songlist spreadsheet or database to a .txt  file using a tab, semi-colon ( ; or : ) or pipe | delimiter. Email to with the text file attached and BBimport as the subject line and Rosette Software will reply with your imported songlist attached. Usually you will hear back within an hour or two but at times, it may takes as long as 24 hours.    

Text files can be generated and exported from most database and spreadsheet applications. Usually, this function is found under the file menu in the host program. They must be exported as delimited text files and preferably use the <Tab > delimiter.



Text Import Dialog



Step-wise instructions are on the dialog itself.  See below for information on 'prepping' your text import file. 


Importing a single column song list  

If importing a single column song list containing only titles, try using the carriage return character: \r as the custom delimiter. That's a backslash succeeded by the letter r. Be sure to use a backslash, not a forward slash. Alternatively you can try \n, or simply \.  


Getting more creative

If your song list incorporates a song title and song key separated by a hyphen, try using the hyphen ( - ) as the custom delimiter. Once the song data is parsed into the import dialog, be sure you move the "KEY" field label so it is directly above the song key column.